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The Nesting Software RFP Process

An RFP (Request for Proposal) is a formal process for managing the process of getting prices for Nesting Software.  The template and process documentation can work well for any software or other IT related pricing competition.

Coming Soon

Watch for our detailed instructions and template set for our 14 step RFP process.


  1. Identify your specific needs
  2. Create a score card for ranking the results
  3. Prepare a draft of your RFP
  4. Identify the companies that you want to bid
  5. Determine your deadlines
  6. Send out your RFP
  7. Answer questions from your vendors
  8. Score the results
  9. Eliminate all but top 3 … notify them
  10. Request a demo of the top 3
  11. Verify software configuration, features and capabilities fit your needs
  12. Request implementation plan from all 3
  13. Request best and final pricing from the top 3
  14. Select winner