PEP achieves Great Results

Best nesting software

You need the best nesting software.  PEP can:

  • Produce high quality parts
  • Optimize the capabilities of your equipment
  • Use the least amount of material possible
  • Reduce run times to increase capacity
  • Eliminate the dependency on programmer expertise 

So, you need PEP

PEP Technology will ...

  • Improve your part quality by better managing heat dissipation, part spacing, lead ins, head raises and cutting speed.
  • Optimize the capabilities of your machines by incorporating the features and functions defined by the manufacturer into every nest making sure that the machine fully engaged in your production efforts.
  • Maximize material utilization by effectively aligning parts, using the best spacing, evaluating common cutting feasibility, and managing plates to full capacity.
  • Reduce run time by applying manufacturer enabled techniques, reducing cut length, optimizing speed for material type and organizing part sequence to control heat.
  • Automatically apply best practice techniques that the industry typically leaves up to the individual programmer to understand.  We help every programmer be great.

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