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PEP Nesting Savings = $100,000 per month

UI received a contract to cut the parts in the pictures.  

With only 3 parts per nest, the programmers ran the Metamations automatic nesting software and then manual manipulated the nests.

After 3 hours of editing the Metamations automatic results the programmers were able to fit 24 kits per plate. Convinced they had the optimum results by what they saw in the nesting tool screen, they started to burn the parts.  

They cut these parts 24 hour a day, 7 days a week on two lasers for 4 months.

Then they got together with PEP, during the 4th month of production.

PEP nested the same parts for UI in the 4th month of production and got 27 kits per plate, vs the 24 kits that were running in production. The nesting was done using PEP Automatic Nesting, which completed in 3 minutes.  In addition to more kits per plate, the PEP nest reduced the machine run time per kit.  

The engineers were shocked at the material savings and asked for the posted code. UI went on to cut the PEP code successfully for 6 more months.  

By switching to the PEP nesting, UI saved $80,000 in material and $20,000 in machine time per month, for the remaining 6 months.  That's $480,000 in material and $120,000 in machine time.

The two PEP nests can be seen here with the part photos.  They were nested, sequenced and lead-ins assigned in less than 3 minutes.

Waterjet Savings

MPS reported PEP Nesting advanced common cutting called Combine Cutting is saving

  • 12.5% on material  
  • 38% on their Omax Waterjet machine cutting costs.

Where the Material Savings are coming from…

By nesting the parts at kerf, PEP Nesting Automatic Combine Cutting fit this job onto one sheet of expensive plastic.  Prior Nesting Software required 1.125 sheets to nest the parts.  This was a 12.5 % savings in material.   Do you cut expensive material?  

Shorter Cutting Distance = Faster Production

 Inches cutSpeed (IPM)Time (Minutes)
Before Combine cut6,7259074.72
After Combine cut4,1699046.32
Savings2,556 28.40
% Savings38.01% 38.01%