• Training on site or via web conference

  • Training conducted by nesting experienced and industry savvy professionals that will  guide your team into delivering savings.

  • The intuitive User Interface of PEP makes mastery quick and easy

Training is arranged with your purchase but can also be requested any time.  Options include both on site and web video conferencing.  Depending on your needs, the number of plants, and where they are located, you might choose a combination of both to most effectively get started.

You'll find that the PEP regional resource is comfortable speaking to the programmers, machine operators and the plant managers, and will communicate as necessary to get you up and running.


Technical resources are spread across the country, responsible for implementation and first level support.  You'll meet your regional expert during implementation, and they will start to learn about your business and forge relationships with your programmer(s).  They are your first line of support because they best understand how you use PEP.