PEP Punch Software

A master tool library for each unique punch machine (Amada, Koike, Trumpf, Whitney, etc.) is set up by the user “one time”, and should include all tools for available for the machine.

The Automatic Importing of Tools from the Master Tool Library to a job can be run automatically or interactively, using an intuitive list of suggested tooling solutions.

The Auto Tooling option will locate geometry errors, correct them, tool the geometry, and verify that there are no over hits on the parts.  

Some of the Auto Tooling options include:

  • Clear rectangular cutouts
  • Use combination for clearing rectangles
  • Use combination for clearing slots
  • Use rectangles on arcs
  • Allow over-size tooling to hit
  • Corner over-hit/under-hit

Auto Tooling this part took PEP less than 10 seconds.