PEP is successfully operating in customer environments with Airco, AKS, ANCA, CMC, Creonics, Cybermation, ESAB, Farley, Hypertherm, Koike, Komatsu, Ltec, Messer MG, Pinnacle, Sato, Tanaka and other equipment manufacturers.

PEP Plasma Nesting Software

PEP Nesting for plasma and gas cutting technology produces perfect parts on old and new equipment regardless of the CNC control. If the machine does not have excessive backlash and or a worn out table surface, most companies experience drastic improvement in cut quality and they cut faster when they switch to PEP regardless of the machine and control.

Three inches thick and .375” spacing

The company that cut this nest with 8 oxy torches used their existing equipment and personnel, and saved $4,000 per plate with PEP