PEP Laser Nesting Software

When you depend on your lasers to produce high quality parts, your nesting software matters.  Not only do you depend on the quality, but you need the part to make it off the table.  That means effective heat control, tabbing in necessary and all the right features and functions to make that laser run at its peak of performance.

Many nesting packages will slow a laser down to get better quality.  PEP understands the machine controls makes certain that each nest will run the best it can within the constraints necessary.

Laser Nesting Software

Lasers are expensive.  PEP, with it's proprietary nesting engine, doesn't use the rented algorithms that many other nesting packages use.  Ours are ours!  And they are super efficient.  

PEP customers have consistently reported material savings of 6%-12% vs their prior nesting solution.  In addition, PEP customers report that their Lasers run 12%-20% faster!  How do we do that?  PEP runs the lasers to the manufacturers specifications.  We understand what the machine can do, and we can produce better quality parts than the other software, so we don't have to slow the machine down to get good parts.

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