Production Scheduling in PEP Nesting

PEP handles Job Scheduling and Machine Scheduling

See how PEP Technology’s Machine Scheduling and Inventory work for a Customer.

The engineering department uses Pro-E to design the equipment and PEP to convert and nest parts.

THE AUTOMATION.... nests such as the one in the picture here are created automatically with PEP. In the process of creating nests, PEP schedules the job and saves the material required to the PEP inventory database as allocated. At the end of each day, the machine scheduling software produces a list of the required materials that is sent to their supplier.

As nests are cut by the shop the machine scheduling software displays the current days cut nests in gray on the schedule and the inventory is closed out. The previous days cut nests are automatically removed from the schedule.

The machine scheduling software displays the nest and a bar graph of the schedule for everyone to reference.