Artificial Intelligence in Nesting

  • PEP Nesting will improve your programmers results

  • Programmers nest like an expert with PEP

  • Imagine improving material utilization by 6% to 12% ... if you run one shift on a laser, PEP could save you between $110,000 and $220,000 per year savings.  Put that on your bottom line!  


Try a nest

Does nesting provide your organization a competitive advantage?  It can't if you nest just like everyone else!

At the core of PEP Nesting is a proprietary nesting engine and extensive analytics and algorithms that create nests that rival the most expert programmer.  

PEP Nesting will improve your material utilization, reduce the run time of the machine and produce better quality parts.

Customers report annual material utilization improvements of 6%-12% reducing your scrap while improving your profits.

Machine run time improvements of 15%-25% annually has some customers running a typical 5 day workload in just 4 days.  

PEP will save you money with improvements in:

  • Speed
  • Quality and Accuracy
  • Material Yield
  • Machine Productivity

Customer savings resulted in a 12 day ROI