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PEP does not nest like any other

Customers are always telling us of their first reaction to seeing PEP Nesting Software in action ... surprise!  They are conistently amazed to see how PEP Automatic Nesting is superior to what they have been using.  PEP Technology is more than a comprehensive CAM Software Solution and PEP is not like any other product on the market.  

As you review the Features, Capabilities, and Perspectives of PEP, remember that PEP doesn't require an expert programmer to be effective.  PEP really is smarter, faster, easier, and better.   

Let's talk about it.  Give us a call at 574-966-5300 or complete the request form.  We'd also be glad to arrange a demo for you to see it in action.

PEP has superior CAM features and capabilities to produce better optimized nests that will run faster on your CNC equipment.

Features of PEP Nesting

PEP can customize training to fit your needs and budget

Training and Support

Training and support are critical to your success

PEP can tailor a training program to fit your needs and your budget. Ranging from onsite to web video conferencing, training solutions will get you up and running quickly

Artificial Intelligence for great results

Artificial Intelligence

AI powered Nesting for Competitive Advantage

PEP Nesting combines advanced algorithms, multiple logic pathing, and result analytics to create nests that surpass the results of advanced programmers.

PEP Automatic Nesting Software is truly hands off Automatic

Automatic Nesting

PEP Automatic nesting is incredibly powerful.

The superior features of PEP produce exceptional results. PEP does not nest like any other product. Compare the nests and see for yourself.

Automatic Bevel Cutting in PEP

Bevel Cutting

Creating the finished cutter path in seconds

PEP Bevel cutting allows marking a geometry on a 2D drawing and seeing the 3D finished part with cutter path in seconds

Better parts for your customers using CAD Converter

CAD Converter

Drawing cleanup and error correction

PEP replaced 1,148 intersecting line segments with 178 tangent arcs. The result was a smoother and faster burn. Inefficient drawings lead to inefficient machine operation, but PEP works to identify and mitigate the issues, producing better quality...

CAD Interfaces simplify process

CAD Interfaces

Create and check 3D images from inside PEP

No need to redraw customer parts in Solidworks or Inventor to get a 3D image to 'unfold'. Let PEP decipher it and show you the 3D. Export to PEP is available inside Inventor and Solidworks.

Common and Combine cutting in PEP

Common and Combine Cutting

Expert heat control enables better common cutting

PEP can effectively manage common cutting which not only means lower machine hours for a nest, but also increases material utilization.

PEP-ERP Integration increases value proposition

ERP Integration

PEP integration with your ERP increases the benefits

ERP Integration with Nesting eliminates the duplicate entry and manual efforts that might be necessary. The ERP feeds PEP with inventory and demand data while PEP feeds the ERP with job data.

Inventory tracking in PEP Nesting


Tracking plates and remnants for nesting

PEP Inventory Management will manage inventory usage and availability, keeping track of plates and remnants. Even without an ERP.

Job and Machine scheduling in PEP Nesting

Job Scheduling

Plan, Schedule, Track and Report on Jobs and Machines

The Job and Machine scheduling allows PEP to align nests, due dates and run times into a cohesive plan. For shops without a modern ERP this provides excellent visibility to jobs created in PEP. Plan, Schedule, Track and Report on Jobs and Machines...

Laser on shop floor

Laser Nesting

When you depend a laser for quality parts, you need the best nesting software.

The effectiveness of a laser for cutting parts depends on software. The wrong Nesting Software can literally cost you millions of dollars in lost profit. PEP Nesting will optimize your laser

Plasma at work

Plasma Nesting

More efficient with PEP

Old or new, plasma and gas cutting equipment is more efficient running nests from PEP. PEP Plasma Nesting Software will improve your cut quality and speed.

Plate management optimizes material

Plate Management

Fills plates automatically with needed parts

Filling nested plates with tomorrows parts to increase material utilization is one of many automated features.

PEP produces parts allowing for more efficient press brake runs

Press Brake

Press brake enhanced parts can reduce run time

PEP produces parts that are better prepared for more efficient runs on the press brake. The parts can provide for safer press brake operation and better consistency in bends.

PEP Punch software tooled this in 10 seconds

Punch Application

Master Tool Library and Auto Tooling

Running any punch operation efficiently requires a detailed understanding of machine controls. PEP has it built in.

PEP interface to Solidworks

Solidworks Interface

PEP drawings from Solidworks

Create your PEP flat parts while working with the full assembly of parts in Solidworks. Export flattened parts directly into PEP