PEP Technology

PEP Technology is an exceptional product from Measurement Masters, Inc.  Originally released over 35 years ago, the product has continually grown and adjusted to exceed the expectations of users, consistently achieving exceptional results.

PEP Technology brings extensive automatic functionality that doesn't depend on the availability of an expert programmer, allowing programmers of various levels of expertise to achieve the same exceptional results.

Ranging from reduced run time, increased material utilization, better nesting, faster nesting, less programmer intervention and a variety of other benefits, PEP Technology is the choice of progressive companies.

Shapes and Pages

Shapes and Pages is an authorized representative for PEP Technology.  That means we work with you but your financial transaction is directly with PEP.

Led by Kevin Clinton, a Six Sigma Black Belt and Senior Executive for over 12 years where he was a PEP customer in the steel fabrication industry. He implemented PEP, integrated it with multiple ERP systems and was able to fully identify the considerable savings.  You'll find that we fully understand your challenges.  Our process is simple: evaluate how PEP can help you, and work with you to fully identify the potential benefits and obstacles to implementing PEP into your business.    

In addition, you can engage us to fully evaluate or rethink process, identify bottlenecks or facilitate a process mapping event.  We also have extensive experience with ERP integration can also help with any ERP integration or development.

Our primary territory

We work as your advocate, making sure that a complete solution including, process, application, people and technology is solidly defined and that the ROI meets your specific objectives.

While we work across the country and even around the world, our primary focus is the Midwest where we can be onsite with a customer or prospect in a responsive time frame.