Proprietary Nesting Engine

PEP Technology made a decision over 30 years ago to write its own nesting engine.  While many nesting tools use the same commercially available nesting engine, PEP's is proprietary and highly specialized.  It's one of the reasons that PEP nests are tighter, providing better material utilization than others.  Once you've listened to the people that created and maintain the PEP Technology, and see how deeply they understand machine capabilities, then you will fully appreciate the value of their nesting engine versus all the rest. 

PEP continues to enhance and improve their nesting engine, keeping them at the forefront of nesting technology and able to outperform nests from other products by 10-20% material utilization.  If you're grid nesting or manually nesting large numbers of parts, then you should be able to achieve a 20%+ improvement on most every nest.

Unique Nests

Using our own proprietary nesting engine also means that no one else can create nests like PEP.  While some competitors might have nests that look interestingly similar to each other, you'll never see that "coincidence" with PEP nests.  Compare them and see.

Why PEP is Automatic

PEP can nest Automatically because of the proprietary nesting engine.  It gives PEP and PEP Customers a big advantage over the other nesting tools.