Grain control

The PEP databases and software modules work interactively to control the nesting of parts that have been identified by the user as having grain.

There are 3 types of Grain supported by the PEP software: Standard, Hard and Soft. Parts that have grain will be nested as follows:

Standard Grain – limits the nesting of the master drawing to orientations, 0 and 180 degrees. This is the default setting used when the GRAIN field is set to YES.

Hard Grain – limits the nesting of the master drawing to the orientation saved in the drawing database, 0 degrees.

Soft Grain – allows automatic nesting to calculate the orientation that produces the best material yield based upon the width and length of the material using 360 degrees of rotation. All parts will be nested at 0 and 180 degrees of the calculated angle.

Automatic Grain Constraint

The Automatic Grain field in the material database can be used to control the way the nesting logic rotates parts to be nested automatically.

The automatic grain field works exactly like the grain field does when set to STANDARD grain without the user having to add the grain icon and or set the grain field for each part.

The automatic nesting software working seamlessly with the material database extracts the minimum part length from field #15 and compares the set distance to both dimensions of each part.