CAD Drawing Correction

PEP has built in a number of time saving and performance enhancing capabilities.  One of the common challenges is the quality of part drawings.  Leaving the drawings as is will result in extremely inefficient machine operation.   PEP automatically corrects a number of errors and logs each error to give you a detailed accounting of any change made.

Short line segments

This CAD file had thousands of short geometries.  That would cause jagged part edges, huge code size, slow cutting as machine control slows down at each intersection.

The Solution:  Let PEP fix it automatically.

Great results

After replacing 1,148 short line segments with arcs, PEP generates the machine code to run perfect parts.  Running the machine is part of the solution, but generating code for excellent parts requires a solution that understands what can be wrong.  PEP does that, and in this example there are only 178 geometries left in the part.  

The machine runs faster while producing better quality parts.