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PEP does not nest like other nesting software

Most companies are surprised once they see how PEP Automatic Nesting is incredibly superior to what they have been using.  PEP Technology is more than a comprehensive CAM solution and PEP is not like any other product on the market.  

As you review the Features, Capabilities, and Perspectives of PEP, remember that PEP doesn't require an expert programmer to be effective.  PEP really is smarter, faster, easier, and better.   

Let's talk about it.  Give us a call at 574-966-5300 or complete the request form.  We'd also be glad to arrange a demo for you to see it in action.

Consecutive Character Search

Consecutive Character Search (CCS) will find CAD files by typing in the name, or part of the name.

With a thousand CAD drawings or tens of thousands, finding the right drawing "right now" is important. Consecutive Character Search will find your drawing files as you type, instantly responding by filtering to your entry.

Crash Protection Technology

CPT provides additional logic to speed up the machine run time of PEP nests.

CPT provides additional logic to speed up the machine run time of PEP nests. Crash Protection logic calls for a mandatory head raise when the head travels over a cutout or a part that could damage the head.

CAD Drawing Correction in CAM

Leaving the drawings as is will result in extremely inefficient machine operation.

The CAD Drawing Correction in Nesting adds significant advantage to PEP by automatically correcting errors in the drawing that cause poor quality parts if burned as is.

Equipment Support

Fiber Laser, CO2 Laser, Plasma, Combo, Waterjet and Gas

All equipment brands supported including Airco, AKS, ANCA, CMC, Creonics, Cybermation, ESAB, Farley, Hypertherm, Koike, Komatsu, Ltec, Messer MG, Pinnacle, Sato, Tanaka and more

Grain Control

Standard, Hard and Soft grain controls.

The PEP databases and software modules work interactively to control the nesting of parts that have been identified by the user as having grain specific orientation.

Kit Nesting

Define a “Kit” as two or more parts, then select kit quantity to nest.

In Kit Nesting, a “Kit” of two or more parts can be defined as a group that will be automatically nested together.

Mirrored Parts

Dynamically creates a mirrored part and nests with both parts for increased efficiency.

Proprietary Nesting Engine

PEP wrote their own nesting engine, and it's very powerful.


Scribe part or heat information directly onto the parts

Zero Head Raise Logic

Head raise control provides additional logic to speed up the machine run time of PEP nests.

Zero Head Raise Logic eliminates virtually all head raises. PEP Nesting Software eliminates "Sewing Machine Syndrome" which is the way the laser head looks as it raises and lowers at every move. Combining the Zero Head Raise Logic with Crash...