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Superior performance, capability and machine control


The PEP Technology suite of products really understands how to optimize machines and will masterfully conduct the orchestra of your CNC world to produce high quality parts with shorter run times and higher material utilization.


The PEP Technology CNC Software suite has been designed to optimize performance of the entire process from demand to processing.  Your programmers get more done, your machines produce high quality parts in less time.  We lower both people and machine hours.


PEP Technology eliminates the dependency on programming expertise.  With extensive automatic features built in that rival the abilities of the very best programmers, your programmer will be highly effective.


There is no tool better than the one you know best, but from the moment you turn on PEP you'll see that your people and your equipment do better than they did before while quality improves.  That's smarter, faster, easier, and Better.

Since the early 1980s

PEP Technology was originally released in the early 80’s, and has been continually updated to keep it at the highest level of capability and functionality. Development has always been driven by customer requested enhancements, technology changes, and optimized efficiency that collectively enhance productivity and profit. PEP Technology is a product of Measurement Masters, Inc.


The PEP Technology suite is packed with features that save time, reduce cost and improve part quality.  Your programmers will be more productive too. Let's nest.


PEP's capabilities support it's value proposition.  Making your programmer more productive while reducing machine run time, improving material utilization and producing better parts.  


A view of the PEP Technology world provides stories of Customer Success, Case Studies, ROI information, Great Result concepts and the PEP Challenge.


PEP Technology has been featured in several magazines and trade publications.  See what they have to say.  The image is the PEP Booth at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta.

Why Great Results?

PEP creates great automatic results! Most competitive "automatic" nesting products require a skilled programmer with unlimited time to re-nest the automatic results multiple times, and then manually interact with the automatic results essentially editing 90% of the nests.

Using PEP, a programmer of moderate skill will be able to achieve results as effectively as a highly skilled programmer.  Most importantly it will take mush less time.